Ulitmate Precision Prebiotic - gut health, FODMAP

Are you sure what you are taking for gut health is hitting the mark?

What are your objectives?
Better gut health?
Broad diverse and beneficial microbiome?
Stronger gut barrier?
Healthy inflammatory responses?
Digestive comfort?

Sensitive Gut Fiber helps with each of those.*

What if you have low stomach acid?

Sensitive Gut Fiber (as a prebiotic) can help with that.*

What about constipation and diarrhea issues?

Sensitive Gut Fiber can help with both of these issues.* (Actually, I suggest taking well more than 1 scoop a day for these issues!)

What about those of you concerned with the quality of the ingredients?

We do not boast about certifications and natural claims, but we also don't disregard this.

What about a strong gut barrier? I know many of you are concerned with a leaky gut.

Sensitive Gut Fiber is all about helping strengthen the gut barrier.*

When you load up on probiotics, you generally only get the strains on the bottle. When you load up on Sensitive Gut Fiber you get a really wide increase in beneficial bacteria and gut compounds.*

Once again, is what you are currently taking providing all this?

If not, consider Sensitive Gut Fiber.

Now, in a practical sense, this is how I use Sensitive Gut Fiber:

I take 1 scoop in the morning with breakfast. And then I take another 2 scoops in the afternoon. This gives me 18 grams of prebiotic fiber. I take the 2 scoops in the afternoon with lunch and a lot of water to help curb my appetite. Works great. And it makes me really regular. Clockwork regular. LOL

When gut health is on your mind, consider Silver Fern™. Gut health is what we do.

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