Toxin overload and how to help correct it - gut health, immunoglobulins, digestion motility

Gut imbalances lead to a cascade of health issues. A bad bacteria overload leads to leaky gut, inflammatory issues, immune system problems, etc. The list goes on and on.
When bad bacteria have taken over, the system may slow down, and even more issues happen.
When the system slows down, it isn’t enough to start focusing on bacteria imbalances alone. One must (in many instances) re-start the entire system.
Step 1 – Review and determine if motility needs to be addressed
Step 2 – Clean the system out
Step 3 – The best defense is an aggressive offense: Build up the gut so bad things are no longer welcome to stick around. Build such a strong gut barrier that inflammation stays down.
Increasing good bacteria in the gut is key to weight management (cravings, appetite, fat loss, etc.)
Please start in the right spot for gut health or success is not likely.

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