Zinc is an inexpensive and beneficial supplement - gut health, immune system

I take zinc bisglycinate daily. This is my “go-to” zinc for fighting colds and sickness. Silver Fern™ Brand does not sell this type of zinc but I love it.
I take zinc carnosine daily. This is something I take for my gut health. Zinc carnosine can be found in our Gut Repair. At this point, I am on a gut maintenance program, so I only take 1 scoop of Gut Repair after my morning exercise program and about 20 minutes before I eat. I love it.
If I had gut issues, I would consider doubling the dosing of Gut Repair, if not tripling it daily for a few weeks. Typically, I suggest
adding Gut Repair in when a person starts the use of Cleanse (or the Gut Rehab Kit).
Zinc is an inexpensive, beneficial supplement that I suggest taking daily.

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