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There are many issues associated with slow motility - constipation, bloating, gas, IBS, SIBO, GERD

So many issues are associated or linked with slow motility. It is because of this that we have most people start by addressing motility issues before jumping into probiotics or prebiotics. ⁠
When motility is slow, bacteria and yeast can’t be cleared out properly. Motility affects gut bacteria diversity and composition. It affects the very core issues of gut health.⁠
Many people have tried for years to address many of the listed issues without success. ⁠
I am personally aware of how frustrating it is. My question is, “Were motility issues ever addressed or resolved?” If not, we have a very effective plan to help support normal motility (I’m not talking about diarrhea motility with reliance on products for ongoing motility assistance, but normal regular comfortable motility without the need for long-term aid for bowel movements from supplements).⁠

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