Chronic, persistent diarrhea is a fundamental motility issue that needs to be addressed

If a person gets diarrhea for a few days, they likely ate something that didn’t agree with them, they may have a virus of some kind, or they may be extra stressed.
Diarrhea happens.
But prolonged, chronic diarrhea/loose stools (no matter the cause) are a problem. I don’t want to take away from anyone’s reliance on diarrhea medications, but there is a better way that is more helpful for long-term gut health and whole-body health.
At Silver Fern™ Brand, diarrhea is a fundamental motility issue that has to be addressed first before moving on to address other parts of gut health. We have a plan for diarrhea. It does work and it does
work well. Don’t suffer from diarrhea and loose stools. Let us help.

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