Gut health for weight loss-probiotics, prebiotics, body composition changes

Sometimes I see pictures in posts on social media with before and after images that make me think the⁠ person looks unhealthier in the after picture than they did in the before image.🤔⁠
I also recently talked to a good friend that was doing a weight loss program and had dropped 30 pounds. I asked how it was going. He responded with, “It's miserable. It's like someone sucked the happiness out of my life.”⁠
Instead of suggesting ways for people to lose weight we should focus on fat reduction and body⁠
composition change through sustainable programs that aren’t extreme. Maybe we should stop suggesting 30- and 60-day weight loss programs that are most likely going to fail in the long-term. ⁠
We suggest combining the appropriate gut health plan with the right lifestyle changes that can make long-term fat loss much more manageable and friendlier with help from our Boost Kit.⁠

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