Living a gut health focused lifestyle includes these simple things - sleep, water, exercise, intermittent fasting, probiotics

We work daily with a lot of people that live a healthy lifestyle and still have serious gut health issues. They exercise daily. They eat clean (mostly fruits and vegetables, drink filtered water, eat organic, avoid sugars, avoid processed foods, avoid artificial ingredients, etc.). They get plenty of rest. They still have gut problems.⁠
“If I am taking the right supplements, do I have to work on changing my lifestyle?” Yes. First, it works a lot better to do them together (a lot better). Second, the right supplements help with the lifestyle changes. Craving sweets, treats, and carbs? Those issues can go away, and cravings can change. Prefer large portions? Portion sizes can change and even be preferred.⁠
I always suggest balance because doing extreme long-term doesn’t work well for me. I frankly won’t do⁠
it. I don’t think it works well for most people. Plus, one goal for gut health is to enjoy eating without⁠
problems, right? I actually eat clean 95% of the time now and then totally cut loose for whatever I want⁠
for one meal and desserts. That works best for me. ⁠
Everyone needs to find what’s best for them.⁠
Obviously, certain food types are better for good bacteria. Fruits and vegetables build good bacteria. Intermittent fasting allows good bacteria to thrive and bad bacteria to go away. Exercise helps with gut health. It just does.⁠
I think we all know water and rest are essential.⁠
The lifestyle changes and supplements go together. They help one another.⁠

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