Signs of seasonal allergies - gut helath, microbiome, nasal microbiome

I grew up on two large cattle ranches. We grew hay, grass, barley, corn, etc. My hay fever was so bad I had to get allergy shots every Wednesday. Though the allergy shots eventually stopped, my hay fever did not. I did not have a good way to clear out everything causing me problems. And I tried just about everything.

Now I use Nano Spray.

Like many of you, we originally did NOT feel comfortable with using silver. Frankly speaking, if you look online there is some scary stuff on silver. We thought, "We would never allow our kids to use that."

Nano Spray was the answer to both issues. Nano Spray contains AG4O4.

We find the AG4O4 to be effective at helping prevent the bad stuff from making our sinuses go bonkers.*

Some of us used it on and off with Flonase for a one-two punch against bad sinus problems until we were able to build our immune systems strong again. Now we don't need the Flonase.

The AG4O4 silver technology is used in hospitals around the country. We use a silver technology manufactured in an FDA-audited facility that is GRAS certified and that has several human ingestion studies proving it is safe and effective. As a gut company, the last thing we want is material that may harm the sinus microbiome or gut microbiome of our family, friends, and customers. Remember, our kids use this.

We love it. We hope you will too.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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