How to support immune balance - gut health, immune support

An 'overactive' immune response typically refers to people with allergies and/or autoimmune conditions. In the science world, we refer to this as Th1/Th2 imbalance.

Th1 dominance is correlated with autoimmunity, while Th2 dominance is correlated with allergies.

How does this happen?

The truth is, we live in a hyper-sanitized world and we don't get outside enough. This means our immune system doesn't get enough exposure to different microbes and never gets the chance to become strong. Instead, the immune system becomes hyperreactive - it thinks everything is a threat!

Processed foods, genetic predisposition, lack of movement, and not enough sunshine and fresh air all contribute to immune imbalance.

We must focus on gut health as this plays a HUGE role in immune balance. Gut microbes are heavily involved in training the immune system and increasing immune tolerance. Healthy gut microbes can reduce inflammation and promote T-regulatory cells. They also help alert the immune system when there is a true threat, so it knows when to act and when not to.

Some other interventions include:
-Moderate exercise
-Vitamin D
-Vitamin K2
-Getting outside

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