Repairing & reconditioning the gut can take time and be uncomfortable (similar to physical therapy) but it's worth it-probiotics, cleanse, immunoglobulins, antibodies, gut health, digestion

When someone goes through a very hard surgery the recovery for some may be painful, uncomfortable,⁠ and take a while. Physical therapy for recovery can be on occasion uncomfortable and even at times hurt.⁠
When someone has really difficult stomach issues that have caused a lot of problems for a long time, recovery may be temporarily uncomfortable and take a while (like recovery from anything else). ⁠
Gut recovery isn’t like ordering take-out or buying off of Amazon with 2-day delivery. A couple weeks isn’t⁠ enough time resolve issues.⁠
When a person takes really aggressive anti-microbial and anti-fungal probiotic strains for correcting bad gut problems there can be initial discomfort from the battle that goes on in the stomach. This is called⁠ Herxheimer Reaction or Die Off Effect. ⁠
Aggressive anti-microbial and anti-fungal probiotic strains exert what’s called competitive exclusion, which means they are going to aggressively go after bad bacteria.⁠
For example, “… Bacillus subtilis produces a large number of antibiotics…,” which selectively target and fight opportunistic and harmful bacteria.⁠
(References: and Stein T. Bacillus subtilis⁠
antibiotics: structures, syntheses, and specific functions. Molecular Microbiology. 2005;56(4):845-857)⁠
Real probiotics do real things to improve gut health. Correcting real gut problems can take time and for⁠
some (a very few) cause temporary discomfort. What happens if these discomforts happen? Continue to⁠
take the probiotics but reduce the dose.⁠

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