Candida overgrowth can be a result of several factors but can helped by the right probiotic strains-S. boulardii

What happens when the body doesn’t have enough healthy bacteria in it to keep Candida under control? Candida overgrowth!⁠
There are so many factors that can lead to Candida overgrowth:⁠
✔️A week immune system⁠
✔️High stress⁠
✔️Eating too much junk food⁠
✔️Low stomach acid⁠
✔️Slow motility⁠
“Can probiotics help with Candida Overgrowth?”⁠
Yes. The right probiotics can help with Candida overgrowth issues. And I think the research is only going to find more and more support for the use of key probiotics in the near future to help prevent candida overgrowth as well as help manage it away once someone has it.⁠
Along with probiotics, one needs to address the other factors that may be contributing to the ongoing⁠ Candida Yeast Overgrowth problem.


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