Reason for Digestive Enzymes After Gallbladder Removal

Why consider taking enzymes AFTER you have had your gallbladder removed? There are 6 primary reasons, but the quick answers are:

(1) They may help you have less discomfort*
(2) They may help you absorb your foods better, especially your fats*

What are the signs of poor fat absorption?

(1) Excess fat in stool (bulky, pale, foul-smelling, and oily stool that floats on water and is difficult to flush)
(2) Unintended weight loss
(3) Nutrient deficiencies (Vitamins A, D, E, and K), which results in night blindness, bone pain and fractures, muscle weakness, and easy bruising or bleeding.
(4) Digestive discomforts: bloating, gas and diarrhea
(5) Fatigue
(6) Dry hair and skin

Why consider Silver Fern™ Brand Digestive Enzymes?

They may help you by offering broad-spectrum digestion benefits (including breaking down fats and providing a complete breakdown of protein). *

Please remember the secrets to using enzymes:
(1) Take them at the beginning of meals
(2) Take them with each meal
(3) Take enough of them with each meal to break down what is consumed (this is usually 1 to 3 enzymes per meal depending on the size of the meal).

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