Breast cancer and butyrate - gut heealth

We get asked about cancer a lot.

Obviously, a supplement company will never be allowed to "treat" cancer or even use the "C" word (cancer) in a post near a product. That is a HUGE FDA rule.

But...we are very well aware of cancer issues.

Cancer's a tough issue, there's so much loss and heartache surrounding it. Phil's mother started treatment for stage 4 cancer 2 weeks after he was born and one of our Silver Fern™ Brand's owners passed away of cancer in 2015. This was a huge loss, especially for Phil.

A customer recently reached out to us and asked us if gut health would help prevent breast cancer. Generally speaking, gut health improvements may help reduce the risk of cancer. One mechanism of this is by production of butyrate (our Buildup protocol is focused on butyrate production).

What you do not know is that we are hyper focused on a new butyrate ingredient that's research findings (released May 2024) allows butyrate to go systemic to help the entire body. We hope this product will help us provide an answer to those of you with concerns over cancer risks. Once again, we will never be allowed to say the "C" word anywhere near a product name. EVER. But given our ownership and personal history with cancer, you can guarantee Phil will put everything he can into finding options to prevent cancer.

We propose that by increasing the right type of butyrate into the body and focusing on increasing your own production of butyrate, one can help prevent cancer.

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