Helping gastritis issues - gut health, stomach acid, bile

Standard practice for helping with gastritis is blocking acid. That is "THE" standard way most people choose to go with. ⁠

But that is NOT a long-term answer, and here is why:⁠
(1) Blocking acid does not address the underlying causes of gastritis⁠
(2) Blocking acid impairs absorption of nutrients and minerals⁠
(3) Blocking acid increases changes of infections (SIBO, C. diff, etc.)⁠
(4) Blocking acid can cause rebound acid hypersecretion⁠
(5) Blocking acid can cause slow motility of the stomach⁠

Our approach is different. We propose it is the correct way. Here's one reason. ⁠

After the stomach barrier is built back up again (the last point in the process), you do need normal stomach acid levels. ⁠

Here are several reasons you need to increase stomach acid at the end of your gastritis issues protocol:⁠
a. Stomach acid prevents H. pylori overgrowth and other pathogens from thriving. H. pylori overgrowth causes gastritis. ⁠
b. Stomach acid is key to stomach motility (regulating gastric emptying, stimulating peristalsis, etc.) and slow motility causes gastritis and stomach issues.⁠

Gastritis rarely comes by itself. It does happen but not often. Our approach helps with the wide range of issues that often coexist with gastritis issues. ⁠

If you'd like our 3-step approach to helping with gastritis issues AND the other gut problems that can come along with gastritis, please DM us #SlowMotility+.⁠

Note: It is never a bad idea even when your issues are really bad and you need the moderate to severe protocol option to ease into the products for the first week or more. Just a suggestion. We go aggressive, but working into protocols is totally fine. ⁠

Here is how to buy to save money:⁠
Buy on subscribe and save (20%) + bundle discount will save you a total of 28%. You can enter into your account at any time to cancel your subscriptions. It is super easy to turn of subscriptions. ⁠

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