Probiotics are amazing, but not if you're body isn't ready for them. How do you tell? - gut health, SIBO, IBS

There are two primary reasons to not start with probiotics for gut health:⁠
1. It isn’t the right time⁠
2. They will make your symptoms worse⁠

Yes, your probiotics may be helping with your constipation AND making your bloating worse. Yes, your probiotics may be very well causing your brain fog. Yes, your probiotics may be causing you to be very gassy. ⁠

Just because everyone says, “Get on a good probiotic” doesn’t mean that is a sound advice if you're just starting into gut health. ⁠

Reseeding probiotics may be triggering more gut problems because they may be contributing to the overabundance of bacteria that may be causing issues in the first place. ⁠

Many different types of probiotics may be causing more issues because they increase lactic acid. Lactic acid is really good for the gut at the right time. But not necessarily upfront. ⁠

Aggressive management probiotic strains, like B. subtilis, may cause die-off effect, which comes with the concept “Things may get worse before they get better.” ⁠

If you have brain fog, bloating, gas, constipation, stomach aches and pains, burping/belching, reflux/heartburn, and issues like this please consider starting with motility issues first. Yes, probiotics are key to gut health. But start them at the right time in the process or they may feel counterproductive. ⁠

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