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Precision prebiotics help increase good bacteria in the gut - gut health

You may find it interesting that when I asked my science team (that specialize in the microbiome) years ago about how to increase beneficial bacteria, they didn’t suggest reseeding probiotic strains. They suggested using targeted precision prebiotics.
They like polyphenols, XOS prebiotics, etc. They like various gum prebiotics like baobab and acacia gum. Better yet, they like pairing these prebiotics with gut management probiotics.
Along with gut management probiotics that possess competitive exclusion to drive out bad stuff from the gut, prebiotics are also able to directly increase beneficial bacteria to drive out pathogens.
“Polyphenols exert their beneficial effects as prebiotic substrate, on the one hand, by increasing the growth and settlement of the probiotic bacterial families such as Bifidobacteriaceae and Lactobacillaceae and, on the other hand, by reducing the number of pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Clostridium perfringens, and Helicobacter pylori.”
What do I personally like to do? I am constantly adding in new prebiotics into my daily routine with the Ultimate Probiotic for a wide range of gut reasons (though I am personally really learning fast how amazing this is for reducing fat accumulation).

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