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Applephenon™ provides many positive benefits to the body - gut health, metabolism

Let’s nerd out on the precision prebiotic known as APPLEPHENON™ and how it affects the body.⁠
A recent murine study found that ApplePhenon™ administration:⁠
⬇️ Significantly reduced diet-induced obesity⁠
⬇️ Decreased the levels of metabolites associated with insulin resistance⁠
✔️ Regulated expression of genes related to lipid metabolism. ⁠
Researchers believe these outcomes are due to the fact that apple polyphenols repair the gut barrier and reduce levels of gut-derived endotoxins in the bloodstream. Furthermore, ApplePhenon™ markedly decreased the Firmicutes: Bacteroidetes ratio and increased abundance of Akkermansia 8-fold. Both of these gut microbial changes are associated with improved gut barrier function and metabolic health. 👏🏼⁠
These results are validated by a series of human clinical trials as well. For example, a recent study involving 71 healthy volunteers found that 12-week treatment with ApplePhenon™ significantly reduced total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels, improved visceral fat areas and the levels of adiponectin, and regulated fat metabolism compared to baseline measurements.⁠
Similarly, another 12-week trial involving 65 human subjects found that ApplePhenon™ significantly improved glucose tolerance. These metabolic improvements are likely due to a reduction in chronic, low-grade, systemic inflammation induced by leaky gut and the subsequent intrusion of gut-derived endotoxin in the bloodstream. ⁠
Does this prebiotic do more than this? Yes. A LOT MORE!⁠
Have I added this prebiotic to my fat loss protocol? 💯⁠

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