Poor health can start with something little - gut health, probiotics, immunoglobulins

A roaring fire can begin with a tiny match. 🔥What was your “tiny match” that set off a cascade of health problems? We don’t always connect the use of antibiotics (or a stressful time in life or whatever) with mucked-up whole body health 2 years later. The healthiest of people only need a small lighter to begin a cascade of problems.

You probably don’t know why you can’t eat certain foods anymore do you? Certain foods just suddenly cause issues so you avoid them. You say to yourself, “I’m older. This happens with age.” But does it really have to happen or is that an excuse to look passed an obvious sign that things in the body aren’t performing like they should?

Guess what happens when a small fire becomes a big fire. Everything gets wiped out. This applies to your body too.

If you want to address whole body health your gut health protocol MUST address:
1. Dysbiosis (bacteria / yeast / microbiome imbalances)
2. Leaky gut (intestinal permeability)
3. Low-grade systemic inflammation

Here’s the gut health process:
1. Motility
2. Clean up
3. Build out
If done correctly, the body will amazingly start to feel better because the body is the most amazing piece of equipment ever created.

Can you put out a roaring fire with a bucket of water? No. Is a roaring fire put out in a week? No.

Magic pills and potions don’t exist. I'm sorry. But they make for amazing commercials in January when everyone wants to get healthy again, right?

Do gut health. Do it right. And get to feeling good and looking good ASAP.

Not sure where to begin? Just DM me on Instagram @silverfernbrand and ask.

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