Nano Scrub vs the competition - gut health, clean up, AG4O4

Gut researchers do just that, they research. They research a lot. BTW - gut researchers then train doctors on the gut. (FYI for those that like the name doctor in front of everything.)

Nano Scrub took a long time to come out with because there was a lot of research to do. When researchers both approve the science and take the product themselves I start to believe them. Not only that, but when I personally see a lot of people see results during the pre-launch testing I really get excited. This is the case with nano Scrub.

From our research, there is no fair comparable product to the frequency activated nano Ag4O4 used in Nano Scrub. Nonetheless, we thought a comparison chart may be helpful for those that may have questions.

What does Nano Scrub do?
Nano Scrub is our most aggressive way to clean up the gut. We needed something with an aggressive repeat strike action for "disassembling" the "bad stuff" in the gut that you most likely don't want.

While the immunoglobulins in Cleanse bind to bad stuff, frequency activated nano AG4O4 in Nano Scrub repeatedly strike the protective shield of bad stuff effectively disassembling or pulling down the protection of bad stuff in the gut (which causes it to not "thrive").

What I can say is that it does not kill beneficial bacteria or probiotics. Beneficial probiotics and bacteria have a different type of protective shield.

We find Nano Scrub good for bad bacteria, parasite, and fungal (mold & candida) management.

Nano Scrub is unique. The science team crushed it on this one.

Side Note: When Tiff and I had our two children taking it for their strep (gargling and then swallowing it), we found it to be very "helpful."

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand, or visit for our protocols.

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