3 benefits of serotonin - gut health, mental health, digestion

Did you know that people with constipation often have lower levels of serotonin? 🤯

Did you know that serotonin helps with digestive discomforts? 🤯

Did you know that sugar increases serotonin (along with dopamine). By providing other means of increasing serotonin one can help offset the serotonin loss from consumption of sugar, which can help with a reduction of sugar cravings.

Approximately 95% of the body's total serotonin is provided by the gut. But there are also other spices and herbs that can increase serotonin.

We are working on products to help with serotonin production to help with motility, digestive discomforts and help reduce sugar cravings.

We know stress affects gut health. Look for future stress products to come for both gut and mood health!

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