Low stomach acid may be the cause of your reflux/heartburn. What can cause low stomach acid? - gut health, acid blockers

If acid blockers are a major contributor to low stomach acid and if low stomach acid is one of the primary reasons behind all of your issues (including reflux and heartburn) do you use more of them or less? I suggest maybe less.

People keep telling me that the secret is baking soda and water, which is like taking antacids (blocking acid). It is cheap and convenient. But how is that helping with the actual cause of the problem (low stomach acid) and is that a good long-term plan? Not according to most. But it is cheap and a great "homemade recipe" that has worked for "generations."

If you do your own research you will realize that blocking acid isn't a great long-term plan for reflux and heartburn issues. So what do you do instead?

If the issue that's causing low stomach acid is a weak and damaged gastric mucosal barrier then addressing that would make sense.

Is this a quick one week process? No. So, for everyone that needs things fixed in 7 days or less, that is where acid blockers do come in handy. They are a short-term way of helping with symptoms while you try to help address the underlying issues. If you are on acid blockers, you will NOT want to stop taking them abruptly . You will want to build up your "shield" (gastric mucosal barrier) before gradually decreasing acid blockers.

If you aren't sure where to start, I recommend starting with a robust step 1 to actively address/help the gastric mucosa using lots of MucoSave® and then in follow up steps I'd aggressively address the cleaning up the gut.

Lastly, I would avoid flavors and sweeteners that contain any acid in it for the first 60 days. Choose a nice and creamy flavor to begin with. It may not taste great (because bitter herbs usually don't), but it will work best for you.

Just start with step 1 and go from there.

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