Gluten Intolerance vs Celiac Disease - gut health, immunoglobulins

They sure look the same to me. How about you? Without doing a lot of testing, how might you know which one you have?

Brain fog and joint pain are more closely connected to Celiac Disease while headaches are more commonly associated with gluten intolerance.

For both issues there are "no known cures." They both may be put into remission and then, when managed, stay that way. Want to reintroduce gluten? Talk with your medical professional but also include a plan for ongoing gut maintenance.

Obviously a gluten-free diet is the go-to with both celiac and gluten intolerance.

Here are some other suggestions that may help with both gluten intolerances and celiac disease:

✅GLUTEN INTOLERANCE: The issue may have to do with the inability to breakdown fructan. This can be helped in the short-term with FODMAP enzymes and long-term by rebuilding the gut's own production of enzymes. Tolerase G® is also an enzyme shown to help break down gluten. Cleaning up the gut, strengthening the gut barrier, reducing inflammation, and building up digestive capacity are keys to gluten intolerance issues.

✅CELIAC DISEASE: The goal is to decrease immune activation by getting rid of pathogens, strengthening the gut barrier, and reducing inflammation. Celiac disease will take longer to help. With Celiac disease the mucosal barrier will need constant help. Otherwise, symptoms will come back. Immunoglobulins have been shown to bind to and eliminate the offensive protein (gliadin) in Celiac Disease as well as decrease immune activation.

Immunoglobulins and MucoSave® both are key to strengthening the mucosal barrier. This may mean they will be effective in helping with both intolerances and Celiac.

"Recent findings have suggested that the mucosal barrier is a primary focus of disease activity in celiac disease."
National Institute of Health
Celiac Disease: Role of the Epithelial Barrier

While you can't fix genetics, you may be able to help address everything else with the right gut health protocols.

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