Gastritis is the result of an inflamed mucosa - gut health, stomach issues, h pylori

If gastritis is the result of an inflamed mucosa then wouldn't it make sense that soothing, repairing, and rebuilding the mucosa is the answer?

And once the mucosa is getting the help it needs, doesn't it make sense to also address the potential H. pylori overgrowth possibilities?

Be mindful, herbs and immunoglobulins aren't drugs: dosing matters, how long you use the ingredients matters, and doing everything in the proper order matters.

MucoSave® at 800-1200 mg per day for 60-90 days may be most helpful for initially providing serious help to the mucosa. Do not take a flavor of MucoSave® that has malic acid, ascorbic acid, etc. in it. Use a flavor system that is creamy with no pop too it. Please choose a nice and creamy flavor to begin with.

Also, please remember that MucoSave® contains bitter herbs. It tastes bitter. It is not a Crystal Light drink mix.

Immunoglobulins at 8 grams per day for 30 days and then 4 grams per day for another 30 days may be the most effective way to help with H. pylori management.

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