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Laxative dependence is causing more issues than you may think

When someone tells me their regularity is good as long as they take ______________ (fill in the blank) every night before bed I think to myself, “That’s not really regularity. That’s assisted regularity. That doesn’t count.”⁠
When someone tells me they live on laxatives and then later on mention they have bloating, cramps, gas, headaches, etc. I usually think to myself, “We really need to get motility going again without the laxatives.”⁠
Getting off of laxatives is usually step 1 in resolving gut health problems. We have protocols to help people get off of laxatives. Regular unassisted motility helps A LOT. ⁠
Our gut health plans help people no longer be reliant on any products for bowel regularity. It isn’t a one week “turn the whole system back on” plan. It isn’t a laxative/diarrhea plan. And we don’t have people go from loading up on laxatives to stopping⁠
them all of a sudden. ⁠
We suggest easing off of them over 30 days.⁠
Laxative reliance is not a long-term constipation solution plan. Long-term laxative (in my opinion) use is a gate way leading to a host of other stomach issues.⁠
Gut health freedom starts with addressing motility issues.⁠

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