Your fitness/health program should address gut health - probiotics, gas, constipation, bloating, diarrhea

Hi! 👋🏼 This is Alli of @allicovington. I'm a professional fitness trainer and competitor. ⁠

If your program isn't addressing more than eating and exercising, you are missing out. You aren't getting what you need!⁠

Providing help with digestive issues is key to my programs. You can't just look good. You need to feel good. ⁠

Did you know that bloating, abdominal discomforts, and constipation can slow down your metabolism and make weight loss next to impossible for anyone not super committed to long days in the gym and strict diets? ⁠

Did you know that diarrhea contributes to decreased nutrient absorption? ⁠

Did you know that acid blockers "...can contribute to constipation?" ⁠⁠
Did you know that acid blockers can "...hinder digestion and absorption of key nutrients."⁠⁠

In my professional experience, gut health is not only directly related to digestive discomforts but it is also directly connected to how successful you are going to be at losing weight, dropping fat, and changing your body composition. Who really feels sexy when they are super bloated? ⁠

I've partnered with Silver Fern™ Brand to make sure my clients get their full needs covered, not just diet and exercise suggestions. ⁠

If you have questions about your gut health please DM Silver Fern Brand on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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