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Immunoglobulins promote gut healing and detoxification - gut health, detox, cleanse

Honestly speaking, if one were looking for a very scientifically supported ingredient that has been shown to bind and neutralize inflammatory antigens/toxins in a lot of human clinical studies look no further than serum-derived bovine immunoglobulins (SBI).
If a person is truly looking to clean up the gut this is the way to do it. I can’t imagine a gut renovation program without this ingredient. The only reason not to start with this ingredient is if a person has constipation/slow motility issues.
This ingredient will literally target all the toxins residing in the intestinal plaque buildup on the intestinal walls from years of
exposure to toxins. The binding action immunoglobulins use is called steric exclusion.
When a toxin is bound it increases and changes in size. This disallows it from flowing through the damaged gut lining. When bacteria load is really high this can take up more room in the digestive tract, initially making some feel bloated and constipated. For this reason, we usually suggest immunoglobulins be used after addressing slow motility issues such as constipation when these issues exist.
If a person has diarrhea/loose stool issues this is an absolutely amazing ingredient to start with.
When anyone asks about inflammatory issues, I ask them if they have ever tried immunoglobulins. When anyone asks about leaky gut issues, I ask them if they have ever tried immunoglobulins.
And immunoglobulins work best when paired with the right probiotic strains to increase microbial diversity and intestinal barrier function.

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