If probiotics aren't the right place to start, where is? - gut health, probiotics, constipation

Not all roads to gut health start with probiotics. In fact, for us very few do. ⁠
(It definitely ends with probiotics though.) ⁠

I’d say about 75% of people I build a protocol for have some form of slow motility and they have never had success in the past with various gut health programs. Believe it or not, even people with both constipation and diarrhea issues need to start with slow motility because slow motility can cause rapid motility (if you are puzzled by this comment please ask). ⁠

Yes, dysbiosis (imbalances in the microbiome) is the underlying issue triggering everything else. True. I agree with that. The assumptions though are that pouring probiotics into the system will (A) unclog a slow system and (B) is the best way to clean the system up to start with. Neither of these are accurate. ⁠

Here’s the secret to correcting gut health:⁠
1. Address motility first (when it is necessary) – NOT USING LAXATIVES (including natural laxative options)⁠
2. Clean up the gut with immunoglobulins ⁠
3. Immunoglobulins and gut managerial probiotics together are magical for helping the gut get back on track⁠
4. Gut managerial probiotics and prebiotics can then significantly improve the gut which in turn leads to improvements other areas of health.⁠

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