Nutrient absorption is what really matters, read on to find out how to improve it - gut health,

But I eat healthy all the time. I should lose weight. ⁠
But I eat healthy. I should feel well. ⁠
But I eat healthy most of the time. ⁠
I don’t know why my gut is such a problem. ⁠
My hair is not growing, but I eat healthy every day. What’s going on? ⁠

If you are eating really healthy food and your body isn’t using it, you are essentially paying for an expensive food ride through the system. This is also called a waste of money. ⁠

What about all those supplements? Also, an expensive waste of money if you aren’t using them well. ⁠

If you work with a well-educated and trained dietitian, they will tell you that what matters is what you absorb. If your absorption is great, then healthy foods will work amazing. That’s the secret combination. ⁠

You can avoid foods. That’s miserable. But you can do it. That’s how most people get by. They just avoid foods that hurt. But food issues are a sign that you need to repair your intestinal barrier. Food avoidance leads to more food avoidance. If you aren’t repairing the intestinal mucosa daily, then you are not getting the most from your nutrients. If your intestinal mucosa is constantly inflamed, then you are not getting the most from your nutrients. That’s the science. ⁠

How do you know if you have issues? You will have some combination of diarrhea, constipation, bloating, reflux, heartburn, abdominal pain, food problems, histamine intolerances, and other digestive problems. ⁠

What helps all of this? Improving the intestinal mucosa. ⁠

What will improve the intestinal mucosa? Mucoadhesion. ⁠

What aggressively targets and helps with mucoadhesion and improves the intestinal mucosal barrier? ⁠

MucoSave™ (found in Regularity-Motility Support and Reflux- Mucosal Support or in the Constipation Plus Kit or Reflux Plus Kit). ⁠

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand. All our protocols are directed at improving nutrient absorption. ⁠

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