The breaking down to histamine intolerance and the rebuilding - gut health, reflux, heartburn

Yes, you can take DAO enzymes for the rest of your life. ⁠

Or you can address the underlying problem by building back up the intestinal mucosa, so it is strong again to produce your own DAO enzymes. Your call. ⁠

Do the prickly pear cladodes/polysaccharides help rebuild the intestinal mucosa quickly? Yes. ⁠

What contains this ingredient? MucoSave™ FG. ⁠

Does MucoSave™ FG provide other benefits? Yes.⁠
• Helps with reflux and heartburn⁠
• Helps with constipation ⁠
• Helps with abdominal pain⁠
• Helps reduce stomach swelling⁠
• Helps with flatulence ⁠
• Helps with nausea⁠
• Helps with burping and belching ⁠

Do your DAO enzymes help with all of this? No. ⁠

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