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How to help gut health decline and see less bloating, heartburn, reflux, constipation, nausea

Acid blockers (PPIs/H2 blockers) are literally only meant for short-term use. Since they don’t resolve the underlying issues how can someone stop them⁠
without severe consequences?⁠
Eating healthy and being aware of what is going into the body is very important. But we work with healthy, cautious eaters all the time (daily) that have digestive problems. I hate to say it (because we are huge believers in eating healthy) but eating super healthy alone isn’t helping people overcome their stomach issues. The pain and discomfort continue. ⁠
While food avoidance helps it does not address the problem.⁠
What fixes the problem?⁠
If a person is experiencing a combination of bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, nausea, an upset stomach, or cramping, the solution is pretty simple: a high dose of Upper GI Relief for 3 months followed by a regular dose of Upper GI Relief following.⁠
A high dose of Upper GI Relief is 1-2 capsules at the beginning of meals for 3 meals a day along with⁠
another 1-2 capsules at the first signs of heartburn, acid reflux, nauseas, or an upset stomach. This will address the underlying problems. Yes, this is a lot of capsules. It is a lot of bottles (3 or 4). I’m truly sorry about that, but it works. The constipation will take between four and seven weeks to go away. This product at this dosing works for people all the time. The heartburn and other problems will be dealt with quickly. ⁠
Click on Upper GI Relief on our website. Click on “Availability” and then choose 4 bottles to get a 30% discount. Many people need to start here with gut health. After this process is finished, I suggest people move on to the 30-Day Gut Clean Up Kit for 60 days followed by the 30-Day Gut Maintenance Kit for 90 days. By starting in the right spot, a person sees early success and then later on the right probiotics and prebiotics together work great for them for addressing food intolerances and many other gut health problems.

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