Appetite & cravings are affected by gut health-Probiotics, Prebiotics, Digestion

Having an appetite is more than being hungry!⁠

Hormones that are produced in the gut have a major influence on our brain that stimulates the feeling of hunger and fullness.⁠

These hormones have major actions involved in our appetite, including:⁠

- Delaying gastric emptying⁠
- Gastric motility⁠
- Central nervous system effect⁠
- Glucose-dependent insulin release⁠
- Producing glucose⁠
- Gall bladder contraction⁠
- Pancreatic enzyme production⁠
- Balancing blood sugar⁠
- Growth hormone release⁠

For these actions to properly occur, we need a healthy gut. A healthy gut starts with a healthy bacteria balance and a strong gut lining.⁠

Need gut health support?⁠

Begin by eliminating any gut disruptors and toxins and begin including probiotics, enzymes, and other digestive aids to support overall digestion.⁠

We recommend beginning with the Boost kit, linked in our bio.⁠

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