Immunoglobulins and never ending diarrhea - gut health, ibs, sibo, ibd, loose stools

If someone had bad diarrhea/loose stool issues coupled with a wide range of other digestive discomforts and asked what I would suggest for a protocol to help with their problems that I knew would work really well, I would load them up on immunoglobulins like crazy:⁠
➡️ 8 grams per day for 4 weeks⁠
➡️ Then 4 grams per day for 4 weeks⁠
➡️ Then about 2 grams per day of immunoglobulins with probiotic strains shown to have a strong push/pull dynamic with the immunoglobulins for about 6 months to help clean things up and help address other issues (like food sensitivities) fast. ⁠
Let’s face it, long-term food avoidance isn’t sustainable. This plan will help with that as well. ⁠
This plan for diarrhea also works for bad inflammatory issues, allergies, leaky gut issues, etc. ⁠
Please follow the right steps with gut health:⁠
1. Start in the right spot for a person’s specific needs⁠
2. Take the right products in the right order⁠
3. Dose the products correctly and go aggressive (when needed)⁠
4. And do the protocol long enough to make sure things are really dealt with to avoid the yo-yo problem with gut health. The only solution should be a long-term solution.⁠
As always, please ask any questions on where to start and go with gut health. ⁠
Fair Warning: I go aggressive on suggestions because that works. A person can always decline the protocol, but I hate watering down protocols to where they ‘might work.” ⁠

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