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How I calmed my overreactive immune system - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, cleanse, immunoglobulins, antibodies

Tiff here 👋🏼 I used to have consistent, horrible flare ups with my immune issues. My flares consisted of my hair falling out, brain fog, being exhausted, and skin issues. My flares would happen almost quarterly, I would have to go back to the doctor, get bloodwork done and then adjust my medications. It felt like the never-ending cycle. I haven't had a flair in several years since starting on this regimen our dietitians recommended. ⁠
I started with Step 1 for four months before moving to Step 2 for another four months. For the first month,⁠
I doubled the dose of the Gut Rehab Kit to really attack my issues and get everything calmed down quickly. ⁠
Immune problems manifest differently in everyone. This program is designed to help calm the overreactive immune system, even if symptoms differ from what I was experiencing.⁠
The lifestyle suggestions will also make a difference. These aren’t meant to be overwhelming, start with the lifestyle suggestions that's easiest to implement and build from there. As always, everything is supposed to be done within balance.⁠
Lastly, please don’t start this program until motility/acid issues (diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, reflux, stomach cramping, nausea, etc.) are addressed. Please address those issues first, if they exist.⁠

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