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Not all gut health supplements are the same - probiotics, prebiotics, cleanse, detox

If a person has ever taken a probiotic and thought to themselves, “This doesn’t seem to be doing anything,” they would most likely be right. Most common probiotics and supplements may not be doing much. If they did more people would notice, right?
Silver Fern™ Brand’s products don’t function like all other companies’ products. Most companies create products based upon price points, margins, and minimal doses by sprinkling in a lot of “power ingredient names” into a blend.
Silver Fern™ Brand creates products based upon the science of what will work, the dosing that is recommended by the science, and then verifies that it works (through personal testing) before launching new products.
Our science team specializes in gut health. They know the microbiome and know that the science of gut health is constantly advancing.
Does this mean that all Silver Fern™ Brand products work for everyone? No. Occasionally, people don’t like our products. This doesn’t happen very often and when it does here is what I discover. These people didn’t start with the right products and programs from Silver Fern™ Brand. They didn’t stay on the products long enough. They took the wrong dose. And they usually have other factors contributing to the issues or lack of success from our products.
At Silver Fern™ Brand, we grow based upon the success of our customers. We invested in what works and want our customers to see that.

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