How digestive enzymes can help while cleaning up the gut-digestive enzymes, gluten, dairy, FODMAP

Just because it takes time to improve the gut doesn’t mean a person needs to miss all the fun with⁠ family and friends (which usually involves food). ⁠
While we are helping people overcome larger⁠ underlying stomach issues, we don’t want them to be miserable. Avoiding foods that cause issues most of the time can be necessary, but there are times when it is really tough to avoid participating in the food part of an event (especially during holidays or vacations). We get it.⁠
Here’s how to enjoy meals while also cleaning up the gut:⁠
The simple fast answer is the Food Freedom Kit.⁠
These four products fully address the full break down and complete coverage for meals and “food events:”⁠
🟠 Bloat & Gas Relief – Fully breaks down FODMAP foods including dairy. This contains very unique enzymes that are not very common. Dosing: 2-4 capsules at the beginning of meals. (For small meals take 2 and for large meals take 4 capsules.)⁠
🟡 Digestive Enzymes – Fully breaks down protein, fats, spicy foods, carb dense foods, most fruits & vegetables, and fried foods. Dosing: 2 to 4 capsules at the beginning of meals.⁠
🟢 Gluten Comfort – The enzymes in Gluten Comfort break down gluten in the stomach before it can cause issues in the intestinal tract. Dosing: 1capsule for gluten-free dishes to address hidden gluten and 3-4 capsules at the beginning of meals for eating small to large portions of food with gluten.⁠
🔵 Upper GI Relief - Low stomach acid and slow gastric emptying/slow digestion are large contributing problems to stomach discomforts following meals. Dosing: 2-3 Upper GI Relief capsules at the beginning of medium to large “food events” will provide much needed relief from nausea, bloating, acid reflux, heartburn, gas and stomach pain.⁠
These products need to be taken at the beginning of meals and they can all be taken together.⁠

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