How did you get Hashimoto's and why are you avoiding gluten? - gut health, autoimmune, thyroid

Are you looking to piece together an answer for your Hashimoto's issues?

We were once there too.

The medical world may say there is no response for it. This is what we hear:
1) Women are more prone to it than men. True. ✅
2) Genetics is a big factor (80% more likely). True. ✅
3) Age is big factor. True. ✅

But we find that these all become more relevant when your gut is compromised.

We found with Tiffany (our co-founder) that once her gut health was in order, her hormones leveled out. Meaning, not only did her thyroid numbers finally settle at a steady level but over time her need for thyroid meds actually decreased (per the doctor's instructions, not our science team or anyone else). Her hair has grown back. Her brain fog is gone. Her chronic fatigue has lessened (she is still a mother of 5 and up at 4:30 am every morning). Her skin is improved. Her mood is improved, etc.

With her improved gut health she is also totally fine with gluten again. She does not avoid gluten (though you are welcome to if you'd like). She eats healthy a lot of the time, but lives a normal life with total food freedom.

Tiffany does take extra care of her gut health now to make certain not to slip back to where she was before.

To be totally transparent with her story, Tiffany's primary issue was Hashimoto's. She did not have bad constipation, diarrhea, reflux, heartburn, histamine intolerances, other autoimmune diseases, etc. when she started. She was able to immediately start addressing her Hashimoto's issues.

Maybe your story will be different. Everyone's is. There is no exact science method that has the same response in everyone.

If you're interested in the protocol Tiffany used to help with her Hashimoto's related issues you find that here.

If you have big gut issues, please take our quiz to find the best place to start given your unique circumstances.

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