5 ways the lymphatic system causes constipation - gut health, constipation

"What else can I do to help with my constipation issues?" We get asked this question a lot.

You've heard us talk about increasing fiber and water, exercising, reducing biological stress (Stress Complex may help with this*), motility activation, and decreasing pathogen load. You have also heard us say, "Please give it time. When a person has decreased bowel function over time by way of reducing muscle and nerve responses, it takes time to turn this all back on again. Please give it time." ⏱️

What you may NOT know is that a clogged up lymphatic system also causes constipation issues. So, here is a suggestion:

Opening up and unclogging your lymphatic system is another way to help with constipation.

We do have motility specialists, that specialize in constipation issues. One of these specialists is Colleen. Colleen Labanca specializes in helping with constipation issues by way of gut health AND unclogging the lymphatic system.

So, when someone asks, "What else can I do to help with my constipation issues?", my suggestion is, "Have you considered talking to a motility specialist? It does not cost much and it may be very helpful to get that one-on-one help."

If you'd like help with bad constipation and pathogen issues, you can schedule an appointment with Colleen.

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