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Ginger Root has many benefits especailly when dealing with heartburn/reflux - gut health, indigestion

Upper GI Relief (which is very effective with helping with motility issues and a lot of other problems) contains a ginger root extract with a higher percentage of gingerols.
Gingerols are what make ginger effective. While many extracts contain 5% gingerols, the ginger root extract in Upper GI Relief contains 20% gingerols. And then we ask people to take a lot of the Upper GI Relief for bad motility and reflux issues. The protocols we put together work very well. Upper GI Relief is a way to help people find unassisted regularity as well as help set the gut for the next steps of our program.
Upper GI Relief works amazing. It was formulated to really help. BUT if a person has a weak esophageal sphincter or if the esophageal sphincter isn’t closing like it should the strong warming sensation of the ginger root extract can be confused for heartburn when it is, in fact, the ginger working. But whether the strong burning sensation is from the gingerols or acid leaking back up into the esophagus, it hurts, and no one wants that.
The solution is to strengthen the esophageal sphincter. Here are some videos on how to do that:
I have also heard of people having success with chiropractors helping with their esophageal sphincters.
Tackling gut problems comes in part with supplements and in part with diet and exercise. Exercises to help strengthen the esophageal sphincter can be very important. Please consider these exercises to go along with the product protocol we give for helping address reflux and heartburn issues.

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