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Esophageal Sphincter strengthening exercises can help with heartburn/reflux

I don’t care how our customers get feeling better. I simply care that they get better. Whether the answer comes from us or someone else I don’t care as long it is in the best interest of our customers. We have a protocol that we find to be very effective at helping our customers. It works well. BUT we also strongly suggest strengthening the esophageal sphincter along with that protocol. ⁠
Most don’t know that there are basic exercises that can help with reflux/heartburn issues. This is free. No product required. I strongly suggest our customers and anyone else with reflux/heartburn issues consider exercising the esophageal sphincter as part of their process for overcoming reflux and heartburn issues (especially chronic problems). And here are the links to learn these exercises:⁠


As most of our customers know, we go aggressive on our protocols for reflux and heartburn issues. One problem I occasionally see is that our Upper GI Relief, which we use for motility issues like burping/reflux/heartburn, may cause a strong burning sensation in the chest because of the high gingerol count in the Upper GI Relief. The answer to this is to strengthen the esophageal sphincter. The exercises will help make Upper GI Relief work even better. ⁠
Once again, the whole idea is to help people have success. Can the exercises alone help with reflux and heartburn issues? The data says so. Would combining the exercises with the product protocol be even better? Yes.⁠

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