Effective hair growth supplement? We got you - Keratin-IV, sea buckthorn, bamboo extract, beauty

What should a hair product do?
✔️ Make hair grow (noticeably) longer with more volume
Should it provide other benefits? Yes. Absolutely
✔️ Help hair be shiny and smooth
✔️ Help prevent hair loss
✔️ Help contribute to digestion, skin, heart, and overall health
✔️ Support nail growth
✔️ Help reduce wrinkles
Let's be honest, Silver Fern™ Brand is a gut health company. The only reason we launched a product with all 3 of these ingredients is because it worked so well in our pre-launch testing that we couldn’t not launch it. Everyone that took it noticed it and wanted more. Everyone.
Will this make a 🧑🏼‍🦲grow voluptuous full hair 🧔🏻again? I wouldn’t bet on that. But for everyone else looking for thicker, shinier hair with more volume, Hair Complex is the answer.

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