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Changing gut bacteria can help change weight loss results - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, metabolism

Traditional weight management programs are all about diet and exercise. Do they work? Sure. Social media is full of success stories of diet and exercise programs working. Do most normal people see success from the diet and exercise programs alone? No. Most don’t. ⁠
The science says that the gut (and specifically akkermansia, chistensenella, Prevotella, and SCFAs) determines if a person is going to lose fat or not. Maybe that information says something about where we should focus our time to help manage weight and fat? ⁠
Are eating healthy and exercise counterproductive to gut health? Absolutely not. Eating healthy and exercise are also essential for gut health for a variety of reasons. But maybe the reason some don’t see success from diet and exercise is because they are missing the last key for success (gut health). ⁠
We will soon be launching a Gentle Fiber product that will be targeting these types of key bacteria and SCFAs so that even people with severe stomach issues can start right out the gate helping correct their gut composition to have it conducive for fat loss. ⁠

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