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Fairy/Pixie Dusting ingredients does not make them effective - gut health, probiotics, digestive enyzmes, cleanse

Many companies include a tiny amount of a number of popular herbs, nutrients, and new fad ingredients to their labels, but they don’t actually use enough of the ingredient to be effective. The ingredients being used may not even include the compounds necessary to help make the ingredient work (like ginger without a decent amount of gingerols in it). Many of them are only to dazzle the imagination and impress the eyes.
In the case of many ingredient labels, less is most likely more. When you see a proprietary blend under 800 mg with a dozen or more ingredients you may want to consider looking elsewhere. The label may look impressive, but most of the ingredients probably don’t do anything for you.
Have you ever wondered why Cleanse has one ingredient? That one ingredient works extremely well for what we need it to do. And taking a higher dose help when dealing with bigger issues that is because that is what our science team says works best. Believe it or not, it isn’t to try to sell more bottles. We go big on protocols because that is what the data and experience suggest will work best for you.
Some product categories that may be an exception:
Digestive enzymes
Whole food vitamins
For full broad-spectrum digestion support you will need a wide variety of enzymes. But the label should be really clear on how much of each enzyme is being used and should not hide everything in a propriety blend.
For vitamins, a wide range of vegetables and fruits are usually required to get a full daily amount of nutrients.
The more you know the better off you are.

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