What should you expect from your probiotic? - gut health, probiotics

Where did our ancestors get their probiotics? Did they take capsules full of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains with tens of billions of CFUs? No.
They used what nature provided.
What should you expect from a probiotic supplement?
A LOT!!!!
You can either check a box with a $12.99 probiotic, overpay with a $89.99 version with dozens of strains and 80+ billion CFU or you can buy what’s shown to be most effective for helping with gut health.
What should a probiotic do?
✔️ Drive out pathogens (aka competitive exclusion)
✔️ Increase bacteria diversity
✔️ Help correct bacteria imbalances (aka dysbiosis)
✔️ Help reduce inflammatory markers and calm an overreactive immune response
✔️ Help correct leaky gut (aka increased gut permeability)
When these 5 factors are addressed, all other issues start to correct themselves.
For us at Silver Fern™ Brand, using the right probiotic caps off the process for helping correct big gut issues. We don’t start people with big gut problems on probiotics, but we definitely end with them.
For those looking for better gut health, better gut management, and better preventative help, using the right probiotics can make all the difference in the world. It can mean the difference between food freedom and food avoidance or subtle cold/flu issues or major down-and-out cold/flu issues.
When it comes to gut health, do it right! Box checking won’t cut it. And overdosed reseeding products may just be expensive, which is cool if that's your thing.

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