Do you have a candida overgrowth? - gut health, gut cleanup, detox

You may say we specialize in cleaning up the gut. Why are we so good at it?

(1) We assume you have all imbalances and then try to help them all. The truth is that they all frequently overlap. Hint: Candida overgrowth and parasites can go hand in hand. It is best to assume that even parasite issues need to be cleaned out too.

(2) We take an aggressive breakdown/soak-up approach to pathogen overgrowth.

(3) We assume pathogens have "permeated" into the rest of the body. Hint: Please rinse the Nano Ag4O4 product for 10 to 20 seconds before swallowing. Nano AG4O4 may absorb into the rest of the body. You may find this very helpful for cleaning out candida that has entered the rest of your system.*

You are all different. Therefore, your imbalances are all different.

We find that Nano AG4O4 is an effective ingredient for pulling apart pathogen build-up, it exits the body quickly and is safe. This may be very helpful for those with biofilm concerns.

We find that a concentration of immunoglobulins/antibodies when consumed orally is great at soaking up antigens/toxins like candida. We find that they may also help soak up mycotoxins and mold.

We find that when the products that contain these two ingredients are combined in the right doses over the right amount of time, it may provide a thorough cleanup process.

Next, it is tough to clean up a system that is clogged up. When a person has constipation, reflux, heartburn, slow gastric emptying, and any other signs of slow motility, we strongly encourage them to open detox pathways and unclog the system before an aggressive cleanup. There are many reasons for this if you would like to ask us.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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