Ashwagandha, friend or foe? - gut health, motlity, autoimmune

Ashwagandha "balances" the immune system. It modulates it. Modulate is defined as reducing or enhancing (balancing effect).

Ashwagandha "...promotes immunomodulatory effects..."

Ashwagandha does not stimulate or boost the immune system.

We are extremely aware that many medical groups say that ashwagandha may cause your immune system to be more active by "boosting" or "stimulating" it.

Here's our response:
1️⃣ Ashwagandha helps reduce inflammation. That's the science.
2️⃣ Ashwagandha modulates the immune system. This means it "reduces" or "enhances" (balances) the immune system. It isn't boosting or stimulating it.
3️⃣ Not all extracts are the same. Not even close. The ashwagandha extract used in Motility uses a very "extracted" ashwagandha concentrate. This process pulls the adaptogen properties out for use and leaves the remaining components of the plant out.
4️⃣ We tested the ashwagandha in Motility over and over again with people who have autoimmune issues, histamine intolerances, and who take thyroid medications. Please remember that our founder has Hashimoto's. Many of our team have hypothyroidism. We are not going to use an ingredient that our owners can't take. Phil would never allow that. There were no issues at all in our pre-launch testing. Motility demonstrated very few (if any) side effects.

We are not saying Motility or ashwagandha will not affect anyone. That is not honest. It could. But we didn't hear of any beyond the normal gas and bloating that can happen from the use of anything that is helping the gut.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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