Die-off Discomforts - gut health, herx reaction, pathogens

"I took [fill in the blank]. I now have [fill in the blank]. Is this caused by the products?"

Could be. For sure.

When bad stuff is being aggressively cleaned out in the gut, it can hurt. It can make you feel worse. Literally. Yes, this is a sign things are working and bad stuff is leaving. That's true. But it is not fun, right?

Did you know when you rapidly change the environment of the gut barrier it surprises the microbiome and causes bloating and gas? The issues go away over a few weeks, but it can initially cause gas and bloating.

The response to this is pretty straightforward:
1) Reduce the dosing to 1/4 to 1/2 the suggested starting dose (but DO NOT stop)
2) Give it a week or so
3) Slowly build up your dosing again

Don't quit. Don't stop. Keep at it. These issues go away.

Last note, please be mindful that there are also colds, flu, and viruses going around. COVID still exists. When you get sick, you can feel like garbage.

Both die-off and a cold/flu/virus can feel similar. Please be mindful of that.

Do real protocols do real things? Yes.

Can the products cause pathogens to exit quickly causing more discomforts? Yes.

When you decide to go aggressive, you are trying to push out issues fast. This can come with discomfort. We are so sorry this may happen, but it also means it's working. But it goes away. Please stay the course.


If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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