4 Prebiotic Requirements - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics

There are a lot of prebiotic options available. A lot. So, instead of creating another basic prebiotic, Silver Fern™'s microbiologist and microbiome research team selected XOS, citrus bioflavonoids, and apple extract polyphenols to target the growth of the most important microbial populations (without feeding pathogens). ⁠

Targeted Prebiotic is part of our long-term gut maintenance protocol. ⁠

Targeted Prebiotic is in our protocol for weight loss (gut health is one key of many for healthy weight management).*⁠

Targeted Prebiotic is in our #buildup protocol for rebuilding the gut after a complete gut cleanup and detox.* ⁠

We call this product "targeted" because it is a precision product. It is a specific tool crafted by gut experts for targeting bacteria and compounds needed for long-term gut health. It is one key our team uses to build up a strong and healthy microbiome.* ⁠

Targeted Prebiotic pairs extremely well with probiotics. ⁠

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