Can exercise improve your gut health? - gut health, probiotics, prebiotics, mucosal support, leaky gut


Intense and prolonged exercise can negatively impact gut lining integrity (leaky gut) and the microbiome.

Here's the key: moderately intense exercise is great for the gut.

If you are doing intense and rigorous exercise on a regular basis you may very well need a very good gut health protocol to pair with it. That's just the science.

Here is another thought:
Heavy exercise requires good nutrient absorption for rebuilding.
Poor gut health (weak/damaged mucosal barrier in the small intestine) causes poor nutrient absorption.
Wouldn't you want to pair a science based gut build up protocol with your exercise and healthy diet to make all those nutrients work for you? I would think so.

Finally, leaky gut (aka increase gut permeability) is associated with lower muscle mass. This is supported by 6 research studies. If you are trying to build muscle you don't want to make it harder on yourself. Don't you want a gut integrity protocol to go with your program?

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