Celiac Disease - gut health, autoimmune

You may not know this:

Our initial protocol structure ideas came from a Dr. Cynthia Rudert (M.D., F.A.C.P.) Gastroenterologist /Celiac Doctor. The time for how long to use the immunoglobulins and probiotics for autoimmune issues (w/Celiac included) came from studying her methods. She's brilliant.

Two points shocked me.
1️⃣ Yes, genes (HLA-DQ2 and/or HLA-DQ8 genes) are involved in the development of Celiac Disease. Roughly 30-40% of people carry those genes. But only 2% develop celiac disease. We also know that people with Celiac Disease are prone to other autoimmune disorders. What does all this mean? It seems to suggest that the genes look to be the final trigger for the disease, not necessarily the initial cause of it. Meaning, the cascade of causes was already occurring and the genetic "weak link" made it so that the autoimmune response allowed for Celiac Disease.

2️⃣ The second point that shocked me was that Celiac Disease can be put into remission.🤯

The body's immune system overreaction to gluten in food is caused by something. We know what causes other autoimmune issues to be triggered. It would stand to reason that if you decrease immune activation by correcting fundamental gut health it may be very beneficial for someone with Celiac Disease.

Last, you might find it interesting to note that celiac can go into remission. But damage to the intestinal mucosal barrier can cause it to come out of remission.

The question is, if you build up your gut while on a gluten-free diet and then introduce gluten back into your diet while still maintaining your gut health can you live a normal life again without fear of gluten? Can you stay in remission while eating gluten again? Just an interesting thought. (We are in no way encouraging someone with Celiac Disease to eat gluten, this is just something to think about.)

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