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The gut microbiome and the skin are connected. When the one is off, so is the other. An inflammatory issue in the gut can cause inflammatory issues in the skin. An overactive immune system is for sure a contributor to this.

“One bigger theory is attributed to Professor C. Akdis and his remarkable epithelial hypothesis: in short, the first problem is a leaky gut and leaky skin barrier, and then the bacterial imbalance (dysbiosis) follows that. A number of environmental factors, including things like microplastics and pollutants seem to contribute to this..."
Dr. Peter Lio, clinical assistant professor of dermatology and pediatrics
Medical News Today

Poor Gut Health 🟰 Eczema

In order to help with skin issues (from a gut perspective), your gut health protocol needs to:
✅ correct imbalances
✅ strengthen the gut barrier
✅ reduce inflammatory processes
✅ decrease immune activation

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